A Conversation with Greg Fahey: Five-time Speedway 660 Champ!

Greg Fahey has been a dominate force at Speedway 660, almost since the day he showed up in the Geary Woods. He has won two RV World Street Stock championships, Rookie of the Year in the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman Division and three A.L. Gullison Disaster Kleenup Pro Stock titles. Wade Wilson talked with the popular Charlotte County driver about his racing career and this week’s Best of the Best Pro Stock 150.

Greg Fahey is the pride of beautiful Charlotte County and winner of the 2011 Best of the Best 150. The three time A.L. Gullison Disaster Kleenup Pro Stock champ looks forward to another good run in this year’s Best of the Best on Saturday night at Speedway 660.

Wade: First off Greg, congratulations on a successful career here at Speedway 660. Five championships is pretty amazing, but lots of folks think your best years are still to come.

Greg: Thanks Wade. I’d like to think I still have some big things to come in my racing career. Like an Auto Valve 250 win or a few seasons on one of the tours. I have gained a lot of confidence running with the tour guys and know our team can be competitive with them. We just need to get the corporate sponsorship to be able to make the move to the Maritime Parts for Trucks Tour or the Pro All Star Series.

Wade: You won RV World Street Stock titles in 2002 and 03. I am sure you have good memories of those days. What was it like racing Street Stock back then?

Greg: Street Stock was a lot of fun. I remember just being happy to be a race car driver. We used to get the car loaded up as fast as we could, after the Street Stock feature, so we could watch the Pro Stock race. I thought those guys were crazy! It’s hard to believe that’s me out there now. Those two championships, early in my career, were important to my development as a driver and gave me the confidence to move into Sportsman and then onto Pro Stock.

Wade: You moved up to the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman division, winning Rookie of the Year. But you didn’t stay in that division very long. What made you decide to jump into a Pro Stock so early in your racing career?

Greg: I really was content in the sportsman division. But my uncle Danny Higgins thought we’d spend just as much money in Sportsman as we would in Pro Stock. And in Pro Stock you get to run for more money and bigger trophies! At first, I honestly wasn’t sure I’d be able to drive a Pro Stock, but it seems to have worked out pretty good.

Wade: That’s a bit of an understatement – three Pro Stock titles in four years is impressive. It would have been four for four, but Chris Duncan wrestled the title away from you on the 2010 Day of Champions.

Greg: Yeah, that was some Day of Champions. Chris had a better day than I did. He raced me hard and raced me clean and deserved to win the title in 2010. I am not making excuses, but looking back, I didn’t do a very good job managing my tires throughout the season. The last three weeks I had to run the same set and they were used up before the final race even started. But Chris had an awesome season and is a great champion. Sure, we were disappointed not to make it three in a row, but I think it made our team stronger and we came back in 2011 and won our third pro stock championship and fifth Speedway 660 title.

Wade: Over the years we have seen some great drivers from Charlotte County. But right now I think you are the only driver carrying the Charlotte County banner. What does that mean to you?

Greg: I love Charlotte County. It’s my home. It’s a beautiful part of New Brunswick and it’s an honour for me to represent the people from Charlotte County. There are a lot of fans from down home who make the trip to 660 every weekend. I appreciate their support and hope I give them something to cheer about.

Wade: The Best of the Best Pro Stock race is this weekend. The winner gets a guaranteed spot in the Auto Value 250. How important is this weekend’s race?

Greg: It’s a pretty big deal. We won it last year and it sure was nice going into SpeedWeekend knowing we had that provisional to fall back on if we had trouble qualifying for the Auto Value 250. I really like the longer races. I’ve learned a lot over the last few years about saving my stuff until the end. That’s really was a hard lesson to learn because I want to drive 110 percent every lap. The Best of the Best 150 is a good test run for the Auto Value 250, so I hope it goes well for us and maybe we can even win it again this year.

Wade: The 250 always attracts some heavy hitters. Johnny Clark, Shawn Tucker and Lonnie Sommerville are all two time winners. What would it mean to win that race?

Greg: It would be the highlight of my racing career. The Auto Value 250 is difficult to win because there are so many great teams in town for that race. We were so close last year and that just gives our race team more drive to win the thing one of these years. To tell the truth, my racing career won’t be complete until there is an Auto Valve 250 trophy in our race shop. Maybe this is the year, you never know.

Wade: It costs a lot to run a Pro Stock every week. I know sponsorship is a challenge and you are looking for a major sponsor for the rest of this year and into the future. But you have gotten pretty good support from some loyal folks down in “The County”.

Greg: Yes, I’ve had some great long time sponsors from Charlotte County. And I’m very thankful for their support. They are Disher Homes, Paul Dobson Trucking, Vances Auto Supplies, Fred FM, Jamie Thorne Auto Repair, Abrasive Al’s Sandblasting and Scooby Doo. I also appreciate the kind support of my former sponsor Rexall/St. Stephen Guardian and Danny Higgins for helping me get to where I am in racing today. And our crew is amazing – Andrew, Kyle, Randy, Sid, Alex and especially my Dad Dennis keep it all together. Finally I want to thank Speedway 660 and its great fans.

Wade: Have a good run this weekend and best of luck for the rest of 2012 and especially during SpeedWeekend.

Greg: Thanks Wade. I just want to remind folks that we are looking for a major corporate partner because I know sponsorship can provide benefits to the business as well as our race team. My goal is to run the MPST or the PASS tour in the near future, but we’ll need a major sponsor to do that. So if there is anyone out there who is interested please get in touch with us. We’ll see you all this weekend for the Best of the Best 150.

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