Enduro’s to light-up Speedway 660!

The first Enduro of the 2012 season goes, under the lights, at 7pm on Saturday night at Speedway 660. It’s the first event of a three race Enduro series in the Geary Woods. Each race is 200 laps.

Fans love the dust-ups, spin-outs and constant action of Enduro racing at Speedway 660. The first Enduro of the 2012 season runs this Saturday evening at 7pm, under the lights in the Geary Woods.

“Enduros have taken on a life of their own and this series has become popular with fans, particularly the youngsters” said Speedway 660’s Steve Burns. “Kids love the tire howling, spin-outs and barrel-rolling action that comes with this brand of racing, especially this week because it’s the only Enduro we run under the lights.”

The Enduro 200 lap race will be run in three segments. There will be two 75 lap segments, followed by a 50 lap run to the checkered flag. Race teams will have short breaks after the first two segments to get their cars ready for the next run.

“Fans get excited because there is always something happening in an Enduro race, drivers are always beating and banging on each other and racing hard to get to the magic lap number 200” said Pat Sharpe, three-time Speedway 660 Enduro champion. “It sure is hard to survive for all 200 laps, because you never know when someone is going to take you out, especially if you are the leader in that last 50 lap segment.”

The second Enduro of the season goes at 2pm on Sunday, August 11th. The final event on the three race Enduro series wraps on SPEEDWEEKEND at 2pm on Monday, September 3rd.

But it all begins this Saturday night at 7pm with Speedway 660’s first Enduro of the year.

Saturday, July 21st @ 7:00 pm
Pit gates open at 4:00p.m. Grandstands open at 5 pm
Racing starts at 7pm
RAINDATE Sunday 2pm
Divisions Racing: ENDUROs

Ticket Prices:
Adults (16 and over) $10
Youth (ages 9-15) $7
Children (ages 8 and under) FREE

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