A Pro Stock Timber Tour! – Wade’s Weekly #8

It only happens once a year in the Geary Woods. This weekend we roll out the red carpet for the Parts for Trucks Maritime Pro Stock Tour. The Atlantic Dodge Dealer’s 100 will bring race teams and fans, from all over our region, to the friendly confines of Speedway 660 for this must-see event!

Brad Eddy, son of well know Maritime race driver Dan Eddy, will be one of the drivers in the Atlantic Dodge Dealer’s 100 this Saturday night at Speedway 660. Seventeen year old Brad won the NASCAR Whelan All-American Series last year!

I keep telling folks that we are spoiled because we have the only track in our region that runs a weekly pro stock series. And we’ve been doing that since day one, back in 1994. But this weekend is special because the best pro stock tour in the entire country is headed our way.

The Maritime Pro Stock Tour hit the track in the spring of 2001, rising out of the ashes of the old MASCAR Tour, which I believe started out in the early 80’s. Last year, Parts for Trucks became the title sponsor of what has become one of the healthiest touring series in North America. The tour has an excellent car count and draws large crowds to every event, including some of its largest right here at Speedway 660.

Once upon a time, the Maritime Tour was dominated by drivers from Nova Scotia.  Ocean Playground race teams are still a force, but New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island racers have proven they can be competitive with their regional rivals.

John Flemming, Wayne Smith and Fredericton’s Shawn Tucker each have won three tour championships. The other two titles were claimed by Shawn Turple and racing legend, Rollie MacDonald. All of the usual suspects, with the exception of Smith, will be going for the win in the Atlantic Dodge Dealer’s 100 this weekend. Wayne is only running selected events in 2012 after winning the 2011 championship.

I am excited about seeing all of the tour drivers including young Brad Eddy this weekend. Brad is the son of Dan Eddy, one of the classiest guys I have ever met in this or any other sport. Last year, Brad raced down south and won the highly competitive NASCAR Whelan All American Series. At just 17, young Eddy is the only Canadian to ever win a United States based NASCAR Championship, which is pretty amazing!
I also look forward to seeing my friend Tim Terry, the voice of the Parts for Trucks Tour. This is a once a year opportunity for me to turn the microphone over to one Canada’s best young race announcers. It’s also a chance for me to get out of the tower and hang out with our fans to watch an awesome race.

This race is exciting for Speedway 660 fans because we always see a few of our weekly A.L. Gullison Disaster Kleenup Pro Stock drivers strap into their cars. Our guys plus Tucker, the three time tour champ, give our fans a chance to cheer for some of their favourite local drivers. By the way, Shawn was unbeatable here in 2011, winning the tour race and his second Auto Value 250!

One thing is for sure – the Atlantic Dodge Dealer’s 100 will be a great race. And just like the PASS 200, earlier this season, it gives us a chance to see who is on top of their game and who is ready to challenge for a win in this year’s Auto Value 250, on SpeedWeekend.

So, tell your friends, tell your neighbours, tell everyone that the Parts for Trucks Maritime Pro Stock Tour is headed to Speedway 660 on Saturday night. You’ll also see great racing in the RV World Street Stock and Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman divisions. It all starts at 7PM – see you at the races!

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