A Conversation with Lisa Fagan: Our Kid’s Klub Ko-ordinator!

Saturday is Kid’s Day at Speedway 660. It will be a great evening of racing in all five divisions and especially exciting for all of our youngest race fans. Wade Wilson, Speedway 660 announcer, recently talked with Lisa Fagan who looks after our Kid’s Klub.

Wade: Hi Lisa – tell us a little bit about the Speedway 660 Kid’s Klub, how it got started and what kind of things you do for our youngest race fans?

Lisa: Hi Wade, our Kids Klub is for fans five to 12 years old. It was started to give our young fans a chance to meet the drivers. I do a draw each week and one young fan gets a chance to climb into a race car and go around the track with their favorite driver. Max Roy, Speedway 660′s official photographer, takes a photo which is a nice keepsake for the weekly Kids Klub winner. We also have colouring pages and various contests during the year. Sometimes the kids just like to come to the klub to hang out with their friends.

Wade: Speedway 660′s Kid’s Day is this Saturday at 7PM and it’s always a blast for the kids! What makes it one of our most fun events of the year?

Lisa: The candy of course! LOL – the kids really enjoy this day, they start off by going into the pits at 5:30PM to meet the drivers and see the cars. Some of the drivers have treats for the kids as well. Most of our young fans never get to go into the pits or see the cars up close, so this is a wonderful time for them. Then, during intermission we line the kids all up on the track, five and under in one area and six to 12 in a different area, and we have our famous candy scramble. It sure is fun to watch them go! It’s like Halloween for the kids. Between the treats in the pits, meeting the drivers, getting photos of drivers and their cars, watching racing and getting more candy it makes for a fantastic evening for the kids.

Wade: Girls and boys are a big part of our racing family. What is it about racing that kids like?

Lisa: I would love to say the fast side-by-side action and how the drivers handle their cars, but over the years many of our young fans have told me they love to see spin outs, not the big wrecks, just the little ones. And of course they love to see their favorite driver win. Their excitement in watching their favorite driver win a race just makes everyone smile.

Wade: How do youngsters join the Speedway 660 Kid’s Club?

Lisa: It’s really easy to join and it only costs five dollars for the entire season. All you have to do is come see me at the Speedway 660 Kids Klub when you arrive at the track. I am here one hour to 30 min before the racing starts. The first time they come, they will need to have a parent or guardian with them to sign the paperwork. Then each week all they have to do is come see me and pick their favorite driver. Believe it or not, some weeks they have a new favourite driver!

Wade: Tell us a little about yourself Lisa and how you got involved with the Kid’s Klub?

Lisa: We moved here in 2000 and right away started coming to the races. My children were seven and four and they really enjoyed the racing. Once we found out about the Kids Klub they decided to join up. My husband was a crew member on one of the cars, so we were always here. One day the young lady running the klub said she was leaving and I asked about the job. The rest is history. My kids have grown up at the track. The best thing about running the Kids Klub is watching the children grow up. Many of our fans, who used to be in the klub when they were younger, stop in and visit. I am a military wife so we have been so lucky to have been able to be here for this long.

Wade: I know you are going to be busy during Kid’s Day. Have fun and I hope you get a piece or two of candy!

Lisa: Thanks Wade, I can’t wait to see the kids and their big smiles. The candy scramble is great fun for the kids, but our adult fans also enjoy watching the kids go after all of that candy. And of course we encourage the kids to share the candy they get and I am sure some of our Kids Klub members will give me a piece of candy too.

Wade: On behalf of Speedway 660 and parents, who are race fans, thanks for looking after our Kid’s Club. Have fun this year!

Lisa: Race day is the highlight of my week! By the way, if anyone is into face-painting and would like to help out, please bring your stuff and come see me on Saturday evening.

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