A Conversation with Heidi Cooper: Speedway 660 Street Stock Driver

Heidi Cooper is one of our most popular drivers! Heidi and her dad, “Rocket Rodney Ness”, both race in the Street Stock Division. Speedway 660 announcer, Wade Wilson, tracked down Heidi to have a quick chat before the start of the 2012 season.

Wade: Heidi, are you all ready to head out to Speedway 660 for opening day?

Heidi: Not yet, but I will be ready for the first race. There are always those few last details that somehow slip your mind.

Wade: How much work is involved in preparing your car for a new season and keeping it in race-shape all season long?

Heidi: There is a lot of work involved in preparing and maintaining a racecar for the race season. To be honest, I would not be able to do it without ALL the help from my father Rodney Ness.

Wade: The fans at Speedway 660 really like you. How does it feel to be a fan favorite?

Heidi: I am honored that the great fans at Speedway 660 consider me one of their favorites. A lot of them have been cheering for me since the start of my career about ten years ago. There must be something about me that they admire – whether it’s my determination, clean driving skills, or maybe being outnumbered by all the guys!

Wade: I know your dad is really proud of you and supports your racing efforts. What’s it like racing against “Rocket Rodney” in the Street Stock Division?

Heidi: I love racing with my Dad! When we are on the track, though, he is just another competitor, we don’t block for each other – we just race as hard as we can to the checkers.

Wade: Street stockers are a little more rough and tumble than our Sportsman and Pro Stock drivers. What’s it like out there mixing it up with these guys?

Heidi: Rough? What are you talking about, Wade? We have all had our share of bad accidents, but you just have to dust yourself off, get back in the seat and give it 110%. I do enjoy the Street Stock division. I have worked hard to earn the respect of my fellow competitors and plan on sticking with the Street Stocks.
Wade: Our street stock division is pretty competitive and has a good mix of veterans and up and coming youngsters. What are your goals heading into the 2012 season?

Heidi: Go fast and turn left! But seriously, finishing in the top ten in points is a good goal to set for myself.
Wade: There has been one guy who has dominated street stocks for the last few years – can anybody wrestle that championship away from Ricky Cashol?

Heidi: I think it’s all going to come down to the last point race. And there just may be one driver who can beat Rick, but I am going to leave it at that. Wade: Who are some of the drivers you look up to in other divisions here at Speedway 660?

Heidi: My Dad is the driver I look up to the most. It’s pretty amazing to share something like this together. It’s not your typical father/daughter pastime, after all!

Wade: Your favourite NASCAR driver?

Heidi: Jeff Gordon is my favourite driver. I have liked him ever since I started watching racing on TV.
Wade: What’s it like being the only full-time lady racing in one of our top three divisions and how do you feel about being a role model for the BandoGirls?

Heidi: I love racing against the guys, and look forward to racing against the bando girls when they move up to our division. Being a role model is easy for me, because I just have to be myself. People will like you for who you are – not who you are trying to be.

Wade: Thanks for doing this Heidi and best of luck in 2012. I know the fans at Speedway 660 will be cheering for you when the racing season begins.

Heidi: Thanks Wade. I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of my sponsors, who have been with me since the start of my career: Model Town Apartments, Hanwell Village Mart, CarrCraft Printers, Nashwaak Roofers, and Glenn Austen Builders.

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