Thibeau, Nott & Cancer Society Big Winners at Speedway 660 – June 14th

Fredericton, NB – A bright and beautiful day rolled in with another exciting night of action packed racing at Speedway 660. Tonight’s event featured TWO (that’s right, you did not read it wrong) 100 lap events in the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman Division and the Irving Lubricants Pro Stock Division while the Coast Tire Street Stocks competed for points for the top spot. Aside from the action, Wayne Smith presented the Canadian Cancer Society with an estimated ten thousand dollar cheque for his Driver for Cancer.

In the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman division the night started with twenty four cars in total. As the laps went on, many cars dropped from the field due to technical problems or on track mishaps. Starting in the pole position was 2007 division champ, Brian Gillespie in the #69, looking to take home another big race under his winning belt. Gillespie held on the first place position forty one laps, fighting off the second place car of Glyn Nott in the #12. Nott charged past Gillespie on the 42nd lap to take the lead. As the race went on with Nott and Gillespie battling it out at the front of the field, the action continued further back. Cal Hatfield in the #11 battled to keep his third position but could not hold on long enough to keep George Jamieson, in the #44, from taking his spot. At the end of the race Hatfield had to settle for a fourth place honourable mention while Jamieson took home the third place position. Finishing in the top position was the Glyn Nott who held of Brian Gillespie for the remaining 58 laps, while Gillespie had to settle for second.

In the Irving Lubricants “Best of the Best” feature some familiar Peterbilt faces showed up to compete in the two race “Best of the Best” series. Tour drivers, Lonnie Sommerville in the #23, and Craig Slaunwhite in the #23S, began the race leading the field. The pair battled it out for eight laps until the familiar yellow hood of Dave O’Blenis, in the #48, charged past Slaunwhite to take the second spot on lap nine. Sommervile continued to hold on to the lead position through the race, right up until lap 79 when the #28 Ford of Kirk Thibeau appeared on his passenger side door long enough to pass him. Thibeau would go on to win the race while Sommerville finished in second. Rounding out the top three was the #8 Speedway 600 regular of Hal O’Neal.

In the Coast Tire Street Stock fans and drivers alike were treated to the appearance of legendary Smokin’ Joe Albert in the #04, who returned to the speedway to race his car in tonight’s street stock events. The feature started off with Rodney Ness in the #11 starting off in the pole position. Ness held on to the lead position twelve laps, fighting off the #13 of Jack Lane and the #23 of Mike Francis. Ness and Francis got so caught up in the fight for the lead that they ended up spinning each other out coming out of turn four. This was an open door opportunity for Lane to sweep his car through to take the lead. Lane led the remaining eight laps to take home another podium finish this weekend. The open door opportunity also gave drivers Rick Cashol in the #54 and Robert Raynes in the #41 the chance to sneak past and take home podium finishes of their own. Lane finished in the first position while Cashol took home second and Raynes rounded out the top three.

Tune into Speedway 660 next weekend as the Big Boys come to town. The CARQUEST Maritime Pro Stock Tour swings through the Geary woods for the first time on the 2008 Season schedule. Make sure you don’t miss another action packed weekend of racing at Speedway 660, it is sure to be WicKID!

Irving Lubricants “Best of the Best” Pro Stock Feature
(100 laps)
# Driver Hometown
1 28 Kirk Thibeau Preque Isle, ME
2 23 Lonnie Sommerville Saint John
3 8 Hal O’Neal Arookstook
4 48 Dave O’Blenis Boundary Creek
5 23S Craig Slaunwhite ® Whites Cove, NS
6 17 Brent Wiggins Fredericton
7 17T Travis Benjamin Morrill, ME
8 18 Brian MacNaughton ® Lower Coverdale
9 20 Greg Fahey St. Stephen
10 66 Paul Gahan Lower St. Mary’s
11 29 Robert Tomlinson Arthurette
12 88 Kevin Moore Fredericton
13 87 Matt Harris Fredericton Jct.
14 79 Chris Duncan Rothesay
15 24 Jody Harris Saint David Ridge
16 23K Kevin Boyle ® Hampton
17 10 Jim Somerville Fredericton

Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman Feature
(100 laps)
# Driver Hometown
1 12 Glyn Nott Burton
2 69 Brian Gillespie Nackawic
3 44 George Jamieson Fredericton
4 11 Cal Hatfield Rothesay
5 1 Mike Banks Lake George
6 70 Dave Biggar Lake George
7 29 Matt Maillet Burton
8 37 Bradley Logan Harvey
9 80 Dan McNeil Douglas
10 83 Corey Little Rowley
11 52 Josh Jaillett MacDougall Settlement
12 13 Gary Hicks Moncton
13 33 Charlie Wilkins Fredericton
14 85 Ken MacKenzie Salisbury
15 12x Mike Kyle Berwick
16 81 Cody Price ® Campbell Settlement
17 8 Joe Hoyt Geary
18 28 John Rankin ® St. Martin’s
19 07 Robbie Fraser Riverview
20 34 Randy Moore Saint John
21 45 Calvin Rankin Quispamsis
22 25 Jeremy Graham Jacksonville
23 9 Derek Christie ® Fredericton
24 23 Wayne Wormell Napan

Coast Tire Street Stock Feature
(20 laps)
# Driver Hometown
1 13 Jack Lane Geary
2 54 Rick Cashol Saint John
3 41 Robert Raynes Sommerville
4 40 Bill Belleville Saint John
5 20 Jason Shannon Hoyt
6 04 Joe Albert Minto
7 15 Roger Slocum Youngs Cove
8 1 Heidi Cooper Fredericton
9 88 Brian Fox Burton
10 11 Rodney Ness Hanwell
11 23 Mike Francis Saint John
12 2 Matt Matheson Geary
13 7 Charles Gaddess ® Minto
14 29 Kevin McKeen® Upper Kingsclear
15 83 Trent Noble ® Tracy

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