Sharpe takes checkers and 2011 Championship!

Fredericton, NB

September 5th, 2011-The third leg of Speedweekend 2011 hit the Geary oval on Monday afternoon with the largest field of cars in recent years. Twenty four cars put on a great show in front of crowd of over 3000 people as Speedweekend came to a close.

There were four different rollovers during the event with the most eventful being on lap 156 when the leader at the time Brody Seveck was taken out between turn 1 and 2 and ended up on his roof. The #44 of Seveck was quickly put back on all four tires but not without a little excitement. When the car was brought upright the #44 rolled down the speedway and struck the Dana’s Collision Center Speedway Rescue van. All would be ok with the van but not for Brody Seveck. After leading much of the race Seveck was forced to retire to the pits for several laps, opening the way for Matt Caissie the #19 and reigning points champion, the #51 of Pat Sharpe to take a run at the lead. Caissie would lead for several laps but would have a tire go down with just 15 laps to go. That paved the way for the #51 of Sharpe to take home the checkers.

The event used electronic scoring for the first time in the history of the event. That led to some great feedback for the fans. With Sharpe’s win he would take home his second Enduro win of the year and clinch the points championship for 2011. Rounding out the top three for the day were Matt Caissie, the #19 and the #44 of Brody Seveck.

The event concluded Speedweekend and the 2011 season.
Enduro 200 (200 laps)
# Driver Hometown
1 51 Pat Sharpe Woodstock, NB
2 19 Matt Caissie Minto, NB
3 44 Brody Seveck Temperance Vale, NB
4 13 Greg Hopkins Chipman, NB
5 15 Wade Thompson Minto, NB
6 5 Marcus Stephenson Fredericton, NB
7 86 Andrew Betts Doaktown, NB
8 2 Mercer Bros. Norton, NB
9 82 Justin Kenny Hoyt, NB
10 17 Josh Powers Minto, NB
11 21 Kim/Courtney Barton Minto, NB
12 4 Dale Hathaway Carlow, NB
13 34C KaylaVallis/Allan Pye Welsford, NB
14 V8 Conrad Savoie Saint John, NB
15 37 Joe Richards Fredericton, NB
16 18 Dale Gilbert Minto, NB
17 77 Ron/Jessica Hawkins Avon, NB
18 16 Nathan Gallant Minto, NB
19 10 Carman McKeen Harvey, NB
20 9 Robert Nickerson Haneytown, NB
21 07 Tom Veno Tracy, NB
22 72 Rheal Kenny Wirral, NB
23 00 Stan Hansen Fredericton, NB
24 106 Peter Guy Rusagonish, NB

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