Points, Points, Points! Wade’s Weekly Issue #12

Focus on Points Racing

For the next two weeks Speedway 660 drivers will concentrate on championship point racing. Some are contending for one of our five divisional titles, while others are trying to hold onto or get into the top five or top ten positions. And don’t forget the Rookie of the Year battles.

Sometimes we get a little pre-occupied with the big events at Speedway 660. But any hard core fan knows there is nothing “regular” about a regular night of points racing in the Geary Woods! We have five exciting divisions and a total of about ninety race teams competing.

Chasing Points
Winning a championship at Speedway 660 is a big deal. There are several strong competitors, who have been racing for years, who have never been able to win one of our titles. So, for the next two weeks everyone will be giving it all they’ve got to win a championship or move up in the standings.

Girl Power
Alicia Mowat sure showed the boys up in our Hanwell Village Mart Bandolero Division last week. Alicia, the pride of Hardwood Ridge, won the Bando feature and continued her strong season. Dana Hamm-Cameron won three features in a row before Alicia snapped his streak on Saturday night. Dana did finish second though and continues to lead the Bando points.

SpeedWeekend is Coming Soon!
The biggest event on our region’s stock car racing calendar is just around the corner. Excitement is building for SpeedWeekend 2011. The AutoValue 250 and Coastal Blending and Packaging 150 are the big races on SpeedWeekend. People really get excited about Pro Stock and Sportsman racing, but all of our other divisions will take to the track as well.

The RV World Street Stockers will run the Fredericton Hyundai 50 lap feature on Sunday afternoon on SpeedWeekend. The Bandoleros will also be part of the Sunday show. On Saturday night our 4 cylinders will compete and we will also see the Legend cars on track. So while the Pro Stockers and Sportsman teams provide the “main event” racing on SpeedWeekend, fans will also see lots of other great action.

Saturday Night Hero
Wasn’t that Firecracker 150 a show-stopper last Saturday night? The Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman drivers really came out hard, driving lap one as if it was lap 150! And they drove that way for the entire race.
My Saturday Night Hero from last week is Glyn Nott. It’s how he won the race that makes him the Saturday Night Hero. Nott had a good starting position in his heat race and it looked like he would have no problem qualifying near the front of the field for the Firecracker. But Glyn and Billy Sommerville tangled or maybe tangoed, during that qualifying heat, on the exit of turn four and it almost spelled disaster for both drivers.
Team Nott was forced to repair the car and enter the last chance race to qualify. They had to start deep in the field for the big race and later on overcame a “no-fault” racing penalty that sent them to the back. Combine all of that with a power-steering failure that drained the energy from the driver on a hot and muggy night.
Through it all this team and driver persevered. Once Nott finally got to the front he dominated. Several contenders had their shots on restarts, but on this night no one was better than Glyn Nott and that is why he is my Saturday Night Hero.

Three Weekends Left
It’s unbelievable that Speedway 660’s season is almost over. Big time points racing for the next two weeks, followed by SpeedWeekend will bring the 2011 season to an end. So, get ready, get set and go to Speedway 660 this weekend. We’ll see you at the races!

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