Mercer Clan takes home Enduro 200 checkers!

August 14, 2011 Sunday afternoon turned out to be a beautiful day for racing in the Geary woods with the Enduro drivers doing holding their 2nd event of the year. Twenty cars took to the track with something to prove under the hot sun.

In the first Enduro fans were treated to five rollovers and this one did not disappoint fans either. The first car to do a rollover was the #5 of Richard Caissie who landed on his roof after an accident between turn 3 and 4 during the first 75 lap segment. In the second 75 lap segment, Nathan Gallant in his #18 car topped all rollovers in recent years. Gallant easily rolled over 6 to 7 times at full speed finally landing on all four tires. Gallant was shaken up during the incident but would be ok.

Honorable mentions certainly go out to Rheal Kenny in his no 72 car for entertaining the fans throughout the afternoon with spin after spin and without question the #2 of the Mercer clan (Clifford, Charles and Randy) did not disappoint on that front either.

The winner of the last Enduro, Pat Sharpe was among the leaders most of the night and put on impressive run to the finish only to fall short. In the end the winner would be the Gallant Clan with an impressive victory. Rounding out the top three was the #51 of Pat Sharpe and the #13 of Greg Hopkins.

Speedway 660 resumes action next Saturday night August 20th with the Speedway 660 Points Racing

ENDURO 200 (200 laps)
#    Driver    Hometown
1    2    Mercer Bros.    Norton, NB
2    51    Pat Sharpe    Woodstock, NB
3    13    Greg Hopkins    Chipman, NB
4    44    Brody Seveck    Temperancevale, NB
5    82    Justin Kenny    Hoyt, NB
6    4    Dale Hathaway    Bath, NB
7    10    Carmen McKeen    Saint John, NB
8    17    Josh Powers    Minto, NB
9    72    Rheal Kenny    Wirral, NB
10    15    Wade Thompson    Minto, NB
11    18    Nathan & Brad Gallant    Fredericton, NB
12    21    Kim Barton    Minto, NB
13    19    Matt Caissie    Minto, NB
14    77    Jessica & Ron Hawkins    Avon, NB
15    9    Robert Nickerson    Haneytown, NB
16    5    Richard Caissie    Minto, NB
17    21B    Courtney Barton    Minto, NB
18    16    Dale Gilbert    Minto, NB

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