Sharpe Wins Enduro 200!

July 23, 2011- The first Enduro of the year proved to be nothing less than a crowd pleaser with non-stop action including a record 6 rollovers including 3 spectacular barrel rolls.  Each segment was more entertaining than the previous with the 50 lap finale being the best of the best.

Nineteen cars hit the Geary oval in all, entertaining just over 2000 fans to their delight.   Early on in the night it was clear that the event would not disappoint.  The first car to do a barrel roll on the backstretch was the no. 5 of Richard Caissie just 5 laps into the event.    Shortly after that it was the 21B of Courtney Barton who had the most spectacular barrel roll in recent history.   Fans were on their feet as she rolled in the air over 4 times landing on her roof.  Tensions were up as she crawled out from the car, welcomed by a HUGE cheer from the crowd.

Last years champion, Pat Sharpe, led most of the race until late in the third segment, when the #19 of Matt Caissie put the #51 of Sharpe on his roof just shy of turn 3, on the back stretch.   This would be the last rollover of the night on lap 182 but would also allow the #13 of Greg Hopkins to make up valuable laps.  Hopkins, at the time of Sharpe’s misfortune, was 12 laps behind the leader.   Hopkins would make up the 12 laps before Sharpe would return.   Sharpe would not be outdone returning just two laps down.   Sharpe held his line and on the tale of the #13 of Hopkins and with just 10 laps left Hopkins would need to pit for mechanical issues.   That would open things up for the #51 who would eventually take the checkered flag for the first victory of the year.  With the win, Sharp takes a commanding lead in the Enduro points.

Honourable mentions go out to the #19 of Matt Caissie who put on a show all night and not far behind the Barton girls wouldn’t disappoint.    Things are sure to be exciting for the next Enduro on August 14th when the Enduro crew will return to Speedway 660.

Speedway 660 is off next week but will return to action on Saturday night August 6th for the RV World Street Stock 75 lapper.

(200 laps)
#    Driver    Hometown
1    51    Pat Sharpe    Woodstock, NB
2    13    Greg Hopkins    Chipman, NB
3    2    Mercer Bros.    Norton, NB
4    72    Rheal Kenny    Wirral, NB
5    15    Wade Thompson    Minto, NB
6    77    Jessica & Ron Hawkins    Avon, NB
7    19    Matt Caissie    Minto, NB
8    21    Kim & Ken Barton    Minto, NB
9    17    Josh Powers    Minto, NB
10    21B     Courtney Barton    Minto, NB
11    16    Dale Gilbert    Minto, NB
12    37    Aaron Price    Fredericton, NB
13    70    Darrell Harris    Tracyville, NB
14    4    Dale Hathaway    Bath, NB
15    44    Brody Seveck    Temperancevale, NB
16    82    Justin Kenny    Hoyt, NB
17    10    Ken Vallis & Carmen McKeen    Saint John, NB
18    5    Richard Caissie    Minto, NB

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