You Gotta Be Here: Wade’s Weekly 17 #17

(Aug. 28, 2017) Most people, who come to the 660 web site, are looking forward to the biggest and most exciting racing event of the year. But some of you have never been to SpeedWeekend and likely want to know what all the fuss is about. So in this edition of the “Weekly” I’ll attempt to put into words what you’ll see, hear and experience and why everyone gets all fired-up about SpeedWeekend.


If you have never been to Speedway 660, you might just wonder where in the heck you are headed when you turn down the little country road near the village of Geary, New Brunswick. It doesn’t take long before you come around a turn and there it is – a race track in the middle of the Geary Woods!Campground Speedweekend 2014It’s really an incredible site. Race fans flock to the Geary Woods for one of Canada’s biggest short-track stock car racing weekends. 

First-time visitors to SpeedWeekend might be shocked to see motorhomes, trailers and RV’s parked all the way out to the road. There’ll be some tail-gate festivities as well. When you park the car and head toward the ticket booth, you will feel the electricity in the air. There’s a buzz of excitement. You might even hear the roar of engines if you land at 660 when the drivers are practicing.Ticket booth girls 2015We’ve got some amazing staff and volunteers who are ready to welcome you to Speedway 660. 

As soon as you start seeing folks, you’ll be amazed at how everyone is smiling and excited about Atlantic Canada’s biggest short-track racing spectacle. If you are camping, the staff in the office will guide you to your site. If you aren’t camping the friendly folks in the ticket booth will greet you and set you up with passes. By the way, if you’ve got kids 15 years of age and younger, they’ll get in free!Kids 2016 That’s right – kids 15 and under are always admitted FREE to every Speedway 660 event, including SpeedWeekend!

On Friday evening SpeedWeekend kicks off with a gigantic infield party, corn-boil and concert with Mucky Fingers, a classic rock band. It’s a meet and greet affair that attracts a lot of people. You’ll meet drivers and members of their race teams and hang out with other race fans. No Speedway 660 infield party is complete without a huge bonfire.tristan performs 2015Rock On! The Friday night infield party complete with concert, corn-boil and bonfire is a huge hit with fans and race teams.

On Saturday afternoon there’ll be practice sessions for all classes of cars and the pits will be a beehive of activity. You might want to invest in a pit pass to head down there and check out what’s going on. The drivers and crew members are friendly and like to talk with fans about all things racing. _DSC1194There’s always something happening down in the pits on race day. Its a great place to hang out before the races and talk to the folks who are getting ready to put on a show for all of our fans.

Saturday evening at 6:30 the racin starts for real. After the pre-race invocation, from Wayne Smith of Speedway 660 Ministries, the National Anthems and Parade Lap, we’ll begin the qualifying heat races for the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman 150. With five grand on the line for the winner and some nice contingency awards, this race will attract the best Sportsman cars in Atlantic Canada.660_5942The Sportsman qualifying heat races are pretty intense as drivers race hard to secure a good starting position in the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman 150.

On Saturday night you’ll also see the Tim’s Corner Motorsports Bandolero Blast Number One. These are fast little cars with drivers between eight and 15 years old. You’ll also see the MJS Holdings East Coast Mini Stock Tour, featuring little Hondas, as well as the Maritime League of Legends Tour. The Legends look like scaled down versions of older cars from the 1930s and 40s.LegendsThe Legend cars will provide fans with their unique brand of racing entertainment on SpeedWeekend Saturday night. All of the support classes want to showcase their racing skills in front of our big crowds. 

There will be an intense “last chance” race for drivers who did not already qualify for the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman 150. Once qualifying and the exciting undercard races are completed the Sportsman cars roll out and we’ll have driver introductions. The “drivers start your engines” command will be given and away they go for 150 laps of excitement.660_6092The Martin’s Home Heating 150 will be intense. Twenty-six cars will start the race and you’ll be treated to bumper-to-bumper and door-to-door racing the entire evening.

Saturday evening wraps up with post-race interviews and those who are staying on site will hang around a campfire conducting a post-mortem on the night’s racing and talk about what’s to come on Sunday.PIC_0023Last year teenager Ryan Messer won the big Sportsman race. Alexandra O’Blenis and Laurie Cormier joined Ryan on the podium. We’ll have to wait until Saturday night to find out who gets the job done this year. 

Sunday morning there’ll be another practice session before racing resumes at 2PM. Then qualifying begins for the McLaughlin Roof Trusses 250. The best Pro Stock (Late Model) race teams from Eastern Canada and New England will run their qualifying heat races. The Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooters and DMR Auto Sales Street Stocks will also race. The Sharp Shooters is a four cylinder, front wheel drive class and the Street Stocks is an “old-school” style of racing featuring rugged steel-bodied cars. Almost forget, you’ll also see the Bando Blast Number Two!Bandos SpeedWeekend SpeedWeekend fans will see the Tim’s Corner Motorsports Bandolero drivers on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. These amazing kids are wicked fast!

At some point there will be a “last chance” race for drivers who haven’t qualified for the 250. It will be a wild attempt by several drivers to “make the show” as opposed to packing their cars away in their haulers.PIC_0007Qualifying will be hectic for the McLaughlin Roof Trusses 250. Drivers want to do more than just qualify for the 250 – they want to grab a good starting position up front! 

Right around 6:30PM we’ll have a pre-race ceremony with driver intros, the invocation and anthems before the drivers buckle up and receive the command to go racing. 660_6632The McLaughlin Roof Trusses 250 pre-race ceremonies always includes a photo-op with the 28 drivers who will start the race. 

The McLaughlin Roof Trusses 250 will thrill you for sure. It’ll be intense because 15 grand goes to the winner, $50 is awarded to the leader of each lap, there’s a $1000 Half-Way Challenge plus other contingency awards.660_6759The 250 is as good as short-track racing gets. If you like tight racing with lots of lead changes, pit strategies and exciting finishes then Speedway 660 is the place to be this coming weekend.

Shortly after the checkered flag is waved at the end of the final lap, the winner will head to the Riverview Ford Victory Lane amid an amazing fireworks display! Post race interviews will wrap things up.There’s always a celebration in victory lane after the McLaughlin Roof Trusses 250. Only one of the 28 drivers, who start the race, will earn the honour of rolling into victory lane. 

So I hope that gives you a little taste of why people get so fired-up about SpeedWeekend. The racing is the best you’ll see, the people are friendly and the atmosphere is electric._DSC9729 SpeedWeekend has become a major tradition. It’s a first class event with awesome action and incredible crowds.

If you are a SpeedWeekend veteran, welcome back. If you’ve never been to SpeedWeekend before, I encourage you to find that little country road, near the village of Geary, and head on down to Speedway 660. You’ll be glad you did!

We’ll see you at SpeedWeekend!


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