Season Opener: Take Two! – Wade’s Weekly 2011 – Issue #2

Season Opener: Take Two!
Are you ready for some racing? Really ready? Well this Saturday night at seven, Speedway 660 opens the 2011 season with the perennial favorite, DQ Kids Day!

Disappointing Drizzle
Last weekend we were all stoked for the season opener. There were excellent car counts in all five divisions and lots of fans. The Weather Network and Environment Canada promised clear skies by early afternoon and by race time we were supposed to be basking in sunshine and 20 degree temps. Well that didn’t happen and the drizzle persisted to the point where we had no choice but to call off the event.
Fans, race teams, sponsors and Speedway 660 management and employees were all disappointed. But as one veteran sportsman driver told me: “The track was just too slick and at least we get to take our cars home in one piece, because we would have wrecked a bunch of them had we tried to race.”

The Hardest Job in Racing
Drivers and race teams work hard to be the best they can be on race day. But I believe the most difficult job is making the tough decisions that Speedway 660 owners have to make. And no decision is tougher than monitoring the skies when the weather is unsettled and deciding whether to race. And that call has to be made, early in the day, before race teams and fans head to the track. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

DQ Kids Day
This Saturday night we are going to finally kick off the 2011 season. I think the weather is going to take a turn for the better this week and we are in for some fantastic action.
What could be more natural than kids, DQ and racing? This has been a great partnership, over the years, and DQ Kids Day is always a fantastic time at Speedway 660. Bob & Kristian Dewer from DQ in Fredericton are big race fans and proud to sponsor Kids Day. There will be lots of fun for everyone, particularly our youngest race fans.

Race Format
As you know the official start time of our Saturday night events is 7PM. However, when the Bandolero and four cylinder classes are running, they will run their heat races at about 6:20. That’s because we want to make sure that we are able to get families entertained and on the road home at a decent hour. So if you are a fan of the Bandos and four cylinders, you might want to land at Speedway 660 a little early on the nights they are racing, if you want to see their heat races.

Great Racing
As Speedway 660 enters its 18th season we are all proud of our brand of racing. A lot of folks have worked hard for almost two decades to bring our fans some of the best racing in Canada. The 2011 season begins this Saturday night with the DQ Kids Day. We look forward to finally getting the season underway and entertaining our race fans. See you at the races!

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