Day of Champions Photo Album

(Aug. 21, 2017) The 2017 Day of Champions was an incredible day of racing in the Geary Woods. We want congratulate all of our champions and rookie of the year award winners as well as feature winners from the last point race. We invite you to check out the Day of Champions photo album.

pit shot 2017After being rained out on Saturday night, the sun broke through on Sunday morning and the race teams arrived at Speedway 660 ready to race. Scott Kennie pit shot 2017Scott Kennie checks things over on his little Sharp Shooter in preparation for the last points race of the season.Matt Crocker pit shot 2017Matt Crocker flashes a big smile after the Street Stock practice session. He must be happy with the way the double zero is working. We’ll have to wait and see if the car stays hooked-up for Matt’s  heat and feature!Brent Roy pits 2017Brent Roy takes a little break in his trailer. The Day of Champions can be a little nerve-racking for drivers who are in the running for a Speedway 660 title. But the Pro Stock points leader looks like he is in deep thought about what might come to pass this very afternoon. Either that or he’s taking a nap. pit shot 2017 And here’s a dashing young couple walking hand-in-hand through the pits before taking up their duties in the tower and on the track.pit shot 2017It’s always fun hanging around the pits before the races. Some guys just like to sit down and work out a strategy before the cars head out on the track. Donnies DungeonIt’s almost time to go racin, but first the driver’s have got to meet with race officials in Donnie’s Dungeon.Sharp Shooter action 2017The Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooters roll out first and it doesn’t take them long to make things interesting.SHarp Shooter action 2017Kyle MacKinnon (#22), who is second in the points,  makes a bold move and passes two cars on the backstretch.Kyle MacKinnon sharp shooter heat winner Aug 20, 2017That move propels Kyle right into the Riverview Ford Victory Lane and gets him some well deserved championship points. Chuck Mercer street stock heat winner Aug 20, 2017Chuck Mercer wins the first DMR Auto Sales Street Stock heat race. Chuck, a former ENDURO champion, came to Speedway 660 for the first time this season on Sunday afternoon for a little shake-down in preparation for SpeedWeekend.Matt Crocker Street Stock heat race winner Aug 20, 2017Remember Matt Crocker?  Well “Mister Maritime Hustle” continues to smile after winning the second Street Stock heat race.  Sportsman action 2017The Sportsman drivers are up next and John Rankin (#28), who trails Drew Greenlaw by two points in the championship standings, draws the pole position.John Rankin Sportsman heat winner Aug 20, 2017John uses that great starting spot to his advantage, driving off with the win. Rankin earns some pretty important points in this heat race.Sportsman action 2017Drew Greenlaw, the Sportsman point leader, makes the pass on Rob Raynes in the second heat.Courtney OBlenis Sportsman heat race winner Aug 20, 2017 Courtney O’Blenis wins that second Sportsman heat race. The youngest O’Blenis is really starting to hit her stride late in the 2017 season, much to the delight of all her fans at Speedway 660!Brent Roy Pro Stock heat race winner Aug 20, 2017 Brent Roy wins the first RE/MAX Group Four Realty Pro Stock heat race. That’s good news for the point leader who will start on the pole for the feature.Ashton Tucker Pro Stock heat race winner Aug 20, 2017Ashton Tucker, who is chasing Brent for the championship, keeps pace by winning the second Pro Stock heat race. Sharp Shooter action 2017The Sharp Shooters drive wide-open down into turn one to kick off their 20 lap feature.Sharp Shooter action 2017  The two Kyle’s race each other hard. Boudreau (#81) , the points leader, and MacKinnon are both in the running for their second titles. Kyle MacKinnon beach shot 2017 Kyle passes Kyle, but then MacKinnon has an incident with Bryan Suttie and the 22 car goes hard into the beach. A flat tire and severely damaged race car ended this Kyle’s championship dreams.Matt MArtin Sharp Shooter feature win Aug 20, 2017An excited Matt Martin wins his first ever Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter feature. Way to go Matt!Tyler Crocker 2nd place Sharp Shooter feature Aug 20, 2017Tyler Crocker, Street Stock Matt’s little brother, drives home in second spot. Tyler is pretty excited with this run and can’t wait to bring his little Sharp Shooter back to 660 for SpeedWeekend.

Kyle Boudreau 2017 Sharp Shooter championKyle Boudreau finishes third in the feature, but that’s good enough to earn him the Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter championship. It’s Kyle’s second title in the last three years.Scott Kennie Sharp Shooter Rookie of the year 2017 Scott Kennie grabs the Sharp Shooter Rookie of the Year Award. Scott is a big-time promoter of Speedway 660 and uses social media to encourage folks to come out to the Geary Woods and see what all the excitement’s about. Matt MArtin sharp shooter feature winner Aug 20, 2017Here’s Matt Martin’s victory lane winner’s shot. Martin is one of our most exuberant drivers and shared this special moment with his family. Sharp shooter smoke show 2017The Sharp Shooters always give our fans a “smoke-show” when they head back to the pits after their feature. This time it’s Matt’s turn to burn up the tires.Street Stock action 2017The Street Stock 30 lap feature gets underway with Luc McLaughlin (#11) holding a comfortable lead in the championship point standings. street stock action 2017Early on Luc lands in the beach and realizes he’s going to have to do a little more work to bring that title home.Street Stock action 2017Then Destiny Enkel (#52) renews her friendship with Rick Cashol on the exit of turn four.street stock action 2017 Ricky really gets the worst of this deal and heads the wrong way. street stock action 2017Luckily the five-time Street Stock champs suffers no further damage while going against the grain.Street stock action 2017But Noah Gillespie (#69) and our championship point leader get caught up in the incident. This time McLaughlin has a flat tire and limps back to the pits, but his crew responds quickly and get him back on the track in time for the restart.Matt Crocker street stock feature winner Aug 20, 2017Matt Crocker wins the Street Stock feature. He was smiling after practice, continued smiling after winning his heat race and here’s another smile in victory lane after the feature. Shawn Hyslop 2nd place street stock feature Aug 20, 2017Shawn Hyslop drives the 99 to a second place feature finish.That earns Shawn second place in the championship point standings.Riley Goodwin 3rd place street stock feature Aug 20, 2017 Riley Goodwin (the shirtless wonder) comes home third in the Street Stock feature. Luc McLaughlin Street Stock champion 2017Despite two visits to the beach and an unscheduled pit stop, during the feature, Luc McLaughlin earns enough points to grab the championship trophy!Luc Mclaughlin street stock champ 2017Luc is pretty proud to win the 2017 DMR Auto Sales Street Stock championship. He’s also got the 2014 championship trophy back at the shop!Luc McLaughlin championship burnout 2017Luc does a pretty nice little burn-out of his own on the way back to the pits!Sportsman action 2017John Rankin jumps out to the early lead in the Sportsman feature, with Courtney O’Blenis in hot pursuit. Rankin’s heat win gives him a one point advantage over Drew Greenlaw as they start the 40 lap feature.Sportsman action 2017Drew (#23) started at the back of the pack and it didn’t take him long to work his way toward the leaders. He sliced and diced his way through traffic always moving closer to the race leader.Sportsman action 2017Finally Greenlaw caught Rankin and tried to make the inside pass. Sportsman action 2017A lap or two later, Drew tried to pass John on the high-side.Sportsman action 2017Then coming out of turn four Greenlaw goes back down low. The two race hard down the front stretch before getting together and spinning out down in turns one and two. That sent the two championship contenders to the back of the pack. OBlenis girls side by side sportsman The excitement wasn’t over because after the restart Courtney O’Blenis (#48) and her sister Alexandra battled each other hard for the lead and the win.Sportsman action 2017The O’Blenis siblings swapped the lead a few times in the final two or three laps with Courtney having a slight advantage coming out of turn four for the very last time. Sportsman action 2017It was a mad dash to the finish line.OBLENIS sister finish first and second sportsman feature Aug 20, 20171  2 Courtney got there first to claim her first ever Sportsman feature win!OBlenis girls hugAfter that incredible finish these two amazing drivers give each other a hug on the front stretch to the delight of our fans.Courtney OBlenis first sportsman feature win Aug 20, 2017Wow what a day! Courtney O’Blenis gets her first Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman feature win. That’s an impressive run young lady!Alexandra OBlenis 2nd place sportsman feature Aug 20, 2017Alexandra, the older of the two O’Blenis sisters, is happy with a second place finish. Earlier this season she was on the podium for both the Martin’s Home Heating 100 and Firecracker 150. She’s looking forward to the next big 150 on SpeedWeekend.Andrew Rodgers 3rd Sportsman feature Aug 20, 2017Andrew Rodgers followed the O’Blenis sisters to the finish line coming home third. Andrew said it was amazing to watch the two girls race each other that hard for the win.John Rankin Sportsman champ 2017Richard Martin presents John Rankin with the 2017 Sportsman championship trophy. It’s John’s second championship – his first came in 2009. John Rankin sportsman champ 2017 John and his family celebrate the championship – but we can’t see John’s son behind that nice sign that reads: Go Daddy Go!John Rankins sonThere he is all geared up to cheer for a pretty incredible Dad.John Rankin 2017 sportsman champHere’s John and all the kids. BTW we don’t think those are all John’s kids, but they are all pretty happy that he won the championship.Curtis Collins 2017 Sportsman rookie of the yearIt was a pretty big day for Curtis Collins and his family and friends too. Curtis is the 2017 Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman Rookie of the Year Award winner.Pro Stock action 2017The RE/MAX Group Four Realty Pro Stocks come out for their 50 lap feature with point leader Brent Roy (#26) on the pole.Pro Stock action 2017Dustin Tucker (#52) took the lead from Brent and held it for a few laps before Ashton Tucker (#32) made the pass on Dustin.Ashton Tucker pro stock feature win Aug 20, 2017Ashton Tucker goes on to win for his second Pro Stock feature win of the season. Ashton’s great run earns him second place in the point standings. Very impressive.Greg Fahey 2nd pro stock feature Aug 20, 2017Greg Fahey comes home second in the feature after winning it the last time out. Those two excellent finishes has got the 29 team pretty excited about their chances in the McLaughlin Roof Trusses 250 on SpeedWeekend. Dustin Tucker 3rd pro stock feature 2017Dustin Tucker takes third place in the final point feature of the season. Dustin has had a great season and is excited to move on to SpeedWeekend.Ryan Messer pro stock rookie of the year 2017Ryan Messer is our 2017 RE/MAX Group Four Realty Pro Stock Rookie of the Year. Ryan, who won a feature earlier this season, is happy with his first season behind the wheel of the Big Car!Brent Roy Pro Stock champ 2017And Brent Roy steps out of the 26 as the 2017 Pro Stock champ. One feature win and consistent finishes throughout the season gave the “Camry Kid” the title.Brent Roy pro stock champion 2017The “Corolla Kid” joins the “Camry Kid” to celebrate the championship.Brent Roy pro stock champ 2017Brent’s team deserves a lot of credit. They worked very hard at the track and in the shop to give their driver the opportunity to become our RE/MAX Group Four Realty Pro Stock champ.Brent Roy pro stock champ 2017Brent, his Mom Shawna, Dad Max and sister Michelle shared this special moment._DSC6422_DSC6421_DSC6423One last burn-out to celebrate a sensational 2017 Day of Champions at Speedway 660!

Thanks for checking out our Day of Champions photo album and thanks for being a fan of Speedway 660. We welcome everyone to come on down to the Geary Woods for SpeedWeekend, which runs from Friday, September 1st to Sunday, September 3rd.
























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