Fans, Championships, Autographs & Prizes! – Wade’s Weekly #15

This weekend is all about fans and drivers. It’s our annual Fan Appreciation Night of Champions. On Saturday at about 5:30PM all of the cars, in every division, will be parked on the front stretch of Speedway 660. Drivers and crews will be out there too for Atlantic Canada’s largest autograph session!

Fans will have a chance to meet the drivers, check out the cars, take photos and get some neat treats and other hand-outs from the race teams. It’s a once-a-year, not to be missed event. And it’s quite a sight to see all of the cars on the track at the same time.

Saturday is Fan Appreciation Night of Champions at Speedway 660. The final points race of the year begins at 7PM, but fans are invited for an on-track autograph session at 5:30. Draws for lots of great prizes will be held all evening and Championships will be awarded in all five racing divisions.

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