Our Big Bang Theory – Wade’s Weekly #13

Everyone loves a good fireworks show, but I also like firecrackers, especially when Sportsman race teams are involved! This Saturday night at 7PM, Speedway 660 will host one of the most anticipated Sportsman races of the season. It’s the Martin’s Home Heating Firecracker 150 and it’s going to be a blast!

Remember earlier in the season when the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman 100 got washed out? I sure do. Fans always like the longer Sportsman races and everyone was disappointed we got rained-out on June 23rd. But Speedway 660 officials and Richard Martin put their heads together and came up their version of the Big Bang Theory.

The Martin’s Home Heating Firecracker 150 is scheduled for 7PM this Saturday. Sportsman racing at Speedway 660 is always exciting but this weekend’s race should take that excitement to a whole new level.

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