Four out of Five Ain’t Bad! – Wade’s Weekly #5

Johnny Clark’s third straight PASS 200 win at Speedway 660 reminded me of that old MeatHead, I mean MeatLoaf song: “Two out of Three Ain’t Bad”. Only in Johnny’s case it’s four out of five.

Yup, Clark’s win on Sunday was the fourth in his last five trips to the Geary Woods. In 2010 Johnny won our PASS race and the Auto Value 250. In 2011 he won the PASS 200 again and finished a disappointing, for him at least, 9th in the Auto Value 250. And of course this past weekend Clark made it four out of five by taking his third straight PASS 200 at Speedway 660…and please excuse my English, but that ain’t bad!

Here’s Johnny! Johnny Clark wins his 3rd consecutive PASS 200 at Speedway 660 and 4th race in his last five appearances in the Geary Woods!

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