No Shortage of Story Lines at Riverview Ford Season Opener!!!

Whether it was the largest opening day car count or the largest opening day crowd since opening day in 1996 or the launching of a new division, this night had it all.   Not to mention some awesome side by side racing.
On a gorgeous May night, Speedway 660 introduced its Bandolero division with kids ranging in age from 8 to 15.  Eight of these miniature stock cars raced for the checkers with the no 8 of DJ Casey winning the event in the Young Guns category and the 9 year old Ryan Messer winning the Bandits category in his inaugural Bandolero ride.   As a whole the group of youngsters put on an excellent display of driving skill with some great racing through the field.  Co-owner Chris Johnston said “It’s amazing the talent these kids have at this age.  They drive those cars like their veterans.”

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