Season Seventeen Set to Start! – Wades Weekly 2010 Issue #1

The 2010 season is about to begin at Atlantic Canada’s most exciting stock car racing track! It’s been almost nine months since Speed Weekend, but our long wait will soon be over when the Riverview Ford/Lincoln Season Opener “goes green” this Saturday night.

There are a number of reasons to get excited about every season opener. We get to see great short track racing after a long off-season; the cars look great; it’s interesting to see who has moved from division to division as well as seeing new drivers. But best of all, it’s about seeing the fans, sponsors, race teams and staff who are part of the Speedway 660 racing family.

The Season Opener also brings back memories of friends who are no longer with us. People like Hughie Yorke, Sonny McRae, Frankie Moore, Bradley Logan’s dad, Ralph Brown, Alan Shirley’s dad, Gerry Tremblay and Scott Fraser. There are several other members of our racing family who have passed away in recent years, who we will never forget.
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