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Short-track legend loves 660!

(Aug. 29, 2017) The Americans have won the last three McLaughlin Roof Trusses 250’s at Speedway 660. They’ll be back for SpeedWeekend with plans to take the big bucks south of the border for the fourth straight year. One American, who hasn’t won our race, would love to make it happen this weekend. Ben Rowe, a four-time Pro All Star Series champ and two-time Oxford 250 winner, wants to win this race badly. Continue reading Short-track legend loves 660!

Looking forward to SpeedWeekend

(Aug. 27, 2017) The countdown to SpeedWeekend is on and in just a few days the biggest event on Atlantic Canada’s racing calendar will be here. Everyone looks forward to SpeedWeekend all season long and every race team, local and visiting, hopes to have success. We caught up with a few drivers who told us what SpeedWeekend means to them. Continue reading Looking forward to SpeedWeekend

Building and Maintaining Race Cars

(Aug. 24, 2017) Making race cars go fast has become a complicated profession. Many teams still do their own work and set-ups for their race cars, but more teams are turning to specialists to do some of this work for them. In this week’s Conversation we meet Geoff Armstrong, from GD Fabrication and Race Cars, one of the firms doing this important work.


A Conversation with Geoff Armstrong

Wade: Hello Geoff, how long have you been interested in fast cars?

Geoff: When I was a young kid my Dad was into muscle cars and when I was 14 he bought a 74 Plymouth Duster with a 318 cubic inch engine and four speed transmission. Dad and I rebuilt that car together and it was all finished up for me when I turned 16 and was able to get my license. That was a pretty awesome experience and created a special bond between my Dad and I. Geoff has always loved working on cars. Here’s the Duster Geoff and his Dad Joe rebuilt. Can you imagine having a ride like this when you turned 16?

Wade: And from those early days working on muscle cars you obviously became interested in racing.

Geoff: Its kind of an interesting chain of events how I first got started. I was real good friends with Steve Halpin and the time his Father was running open wheel so I kinda got introduced to racing hangin out with those guys. I travelled around `to race tracks with them for a year or so. I was working at Dobson Chrysler Dodge in Saint John with Mark Arsenault, one of Lonnie Sommerville’s crew members. Mark asked me if I would like to go to a Sportsman race with them in Geary. So I started working with those guys and learned a lot from Lonnie and the other guys on the crew. I spent almost ten years with those guys.gdfab6 Geoff’s shop in Saint John builds race cars from the ground up. The technology, equipment and process of building and maintaining race cars has really progressed by leaps and bounds in the last few years.

Wade: How did you go from being a crew member to building and maintaining race cars?

Geoff: When I was 18 I took off to North Carolina for awhile and went to the Bobby Isaac Motorsports School which teaches you about NASCAR, how to hang a body on a car, chassis set ups and things like that. While I was down there Lonnie hooked me up with Rollie MacDonald and I met him down at Hamke Race Cars. He was down there to put a clip on a car he had wrecked in Antigonish. And Rollie introduced me to Dean Clattenburg, a chassis builder from Nova Scotia. From there it just kind of grew until I started my own business.GD Fabrication trailerGeoff parks his parts trailer near the tech shed on race day. He provides a much needed service to help Speedway 660 race teams put on a show for our fans. 

Wade: So what exactly do you do at GD Fabrication and Race Car Parts?

Geoff: I build, service, maintain and set-up race cars back home at the shop. Here at the track I work with my clients and provide information and feedback to help them get around the track a little faster. The last couple of years I’ve been focussing on the parts side of things and this year I started bringing a trailer to 660 every week with some of the common parts guys might need on race day. It’s kind of a way to provide a service here at the track and it’s really needed. Basically I’m focusing on the basic stuff and I want to help everyone I can. gdfab8GD Fabrication and Race Cars has several clients at Speedway 660, including Brent Roy, the 2017 RE/MAX Group Four Realty Pro Stock Champion.

Wade: Not only that, but you also sponsor a couple of contingency awards at Speedway 660.

Geoff: Last year I partnered with CFR Chassis run by Dean Clattenburg, who is now based out of North Carolina, to offer a contingency award.  Each week we gave a $150 shop credit to the top rookie of the race in Pro Stock. This year we have awards for both the Pro Stocks and Sportsman division. Its just a way for Dean and I to make a contribution to help the race teams here at Speedway 660.

Wade: Racing is huge down south, they’ve got lots of tracks, a big population and a longer season than we do here in the Maritimes. How hard is it to operate a racing business here in New Brunswick?

Geoff: You’re right it is a fairly small market up here. This is a part-time business for me, which really keeps me busy during the spring, getting ready for the racing season and during the summer season itself. I still have a day job though. It’s a pretty small industry up here in Atlantic Canada, but there are several top notch shops including Lonnie Sommerville Racing in Saint John, Shawn Tucker Racing Products in Fredericton, Frank Fraser in Shubenacadie and a few others. Even though we are competitors in a small market, I always try to get along with those guys.gdfab3Geoff takes pride in his work and is meticulous in his efforts to help race teams put great cars on the track. GD Fabrications and Race Cars and the other small companies, doing the same kind of work, have helped make racing in this region more competitive and professional.

Wade: Things are constantly changing in racing, especially in respect to the technical and mechanical aspects of the sport. How do you keep up with all of that stuff?

Geoff: You have to be prepared to never stop learning and never stop improving. I’ve made a lot of friends on both sides of the border in racing. I am still continuing to learn about racing and am lucky to be able to pick up the phone and call people I have met over the years for information and advice.geoff armstrongBrady Creamer, a Pro Stock driver from the Miramichi, is a GD Fabrication and Race Cars client. Geoff will be working with Brady on SpeedWeekend.

Wade: How do you feel about the future of racing?

Geoff: I really want to see the sport continue to grow here in our region. Attracting more fans is the key. Increasing the car count is also important. Having successful tracks like Speedway 660 is also very important to a small business like mine. Many of these guys support me and I like to support them with goods and services and my contingency awards.gdfab2Brady Creamer’s car spent some time in Geoff’s shop recently. They are hoping to have a great run, during the McLaughlin Roof Trusses 250, on SpeedWeekend. 

Wade: What advice would you have for the racing industry here in the Maritimes?

Geoff: Tracks have got to work together up here in terms of scheduling events. We just don’t have the population they have in larger centers in the States. Builders have to work together and drivers have to work together too. When we fill the stands and fans see great events, like the Firecracker 150 and the Clark Chevrolet Best of the Best 150 held recently at Speedway 660, hopefully those fans will come back and maybe bring their friends to the races too. We’re all in this together and we need to find common ground and work together for the over-all benefit of the sport.Geoff ArmstrongGeoff is always available to talk to drivers and crew members on race day at 660. He provides parts, service and advice, not only to his own clients, but any racer who may need some help. 

Wade: I always ask the drivers who they want to thank for making it possible for them to go racing every week. So who do you want to thank?

Geoff: My Mom and Dad (Debra & Joe) top that list. They got me interested in cars as a kid and have supported me in everything I have done to come this far. I know they’ll continue to be there for me in the future too. My girlfriend Emily is supportive too. Dean Clattenburg, from CRF Chassis is a mentor and he has been a big help. All of my clients, who have confidence and faith in my work, are much appreciated too. People can contact me on FACEBOOK – at GD Fabrication and Race Cars.

I know SpeedWeekend is coming right up and I want to wish all of the race teams, in every class, the best of luck. Its the biggest event of the year and I know the fans are going to be treated to an awesome weekend of racing entertainment.

Fans Night Out at 660!

(Aug. 8, 2017) Speedway 660 resumes action this coming Saturday night with its 2017 edition of Fan Appreciation Night. It’s a special night with an on-track autograph session, followed by the second last point race of the season. Fans and drivers alike enjoy Fan Appreciation Night and in this week’s Conversation we have comments from several of Speedway 660’s drivers.

Fan Appreciation Night Conversation

Richard Atkinson: The fans make this sport brother and without the fans we wouldn’t have racing. All of the drivers at 660 love putting on a great show for our awesome fans. Personally I love interacting with the fans, meeting them, saying hello, signing autographs and talking about racing. Sometimes just giving a kid one of your hats is all it takes to make a new fan. On Fan Appreciation Night we go all out for the fans and everyone tries hard to get to victory lane or land on the podium.Pit visit 2016 Richard AtkinsonRichard Atkinson is a big kid at heart. This veteran Sportsman driver loves hangin out with the kids and making them laugh. Fan Appreciation Night is this Saturday, come early for the on-track autograph session.

Justin Cole: Fan Appreciation Night is always a fun night. I remember how much fun it was as a little kid and as a driver I love it too. I always wanted to be a driver back when I was a kid cheering for Bradley Logan. My Dad sponsored him and I used to go to the shop and paint the letters on the tires and do other little stuff, it was fun just hanging around the shop and seeing that side of racing.

It was pretty special working on the car and then coming to the track to see Bradley race. If a driver lives in your area, why not see if you can help out in the shop, there’s no pay, but it’s a lots of fun. Seeing all of the cars parked on the front stretch and having the fans come out on the track on Fan Appreciation Night is pretty special. If it wasn’t for the fans we wouldn’t be here, so we always want to put on a good show for them.Justin Cole 2nd place Sportsman feature June 10, 2017It wasn’t that long ago that Justin Cole used to come to the races with his Mom and Dad to cheer for Bradley Logan. Now Justin is a racer at Speedway 660 and  brings his family out for some awesome entertainment.

BJ Gillespie: I grew up in racing, so I’ve been to a lot of Fan Appreciation Nights. As a kid it was always a thrill to see my Dad out on the track and he was always so successful winning seven championships at 660. And as soon as I was old enough to come into the pits and help out on the crew I enjoyed that part of it too. I always wanted to drive a race car and am glad I’ve got a chance to do that. It’s fun racing here because we always get good fan support and I want to thank everyone for coming and cheering for us. BJ Gillespie sharp shooter 3rd place June 4, 2016BJ Gillespie loved coming to the races as a kid to watch his Father Brian dominate the Sportsman division. Now he drives a Sharp Shooter and looks forward to Saturday’s Fan Appreciation Night.

Roger Slocum: The fans mean everything to me. We have such good fan support at Speedway 660 and that makes it a lot more fun for the drivers when you get to race in front of such a terrific crowd. Having good fan support also makes it possible for the drivers to go out and get sponsors because those sponsors know they’ll get some good exposure at 660. There is always a lot of great racing here and that’s why we get the crowds.

We’ve got a lot of good cars in our Street Stock division and drivers try to keep them looking good for the fans and the sponsors. It’s always fun winning a feature or getting a podium and looking up into the crowd and seeing a lot of fans. Now with kids 15 and under getting in free hopefully that will attract even more families to the races.Roger Slocum third in street stock feature May 21, 2017Roger Slocum, one of our “old-school” Street Stock drivers, loves puttin on a show for the fans. Roger says the fans, especially the kids at Speedway 660, are the ones who keep him coming back every year to race!

Brent Roy: It’s always really cool seeing our youngest fans and meeting them at events like Fan Appreciation Night. I remember as a kid when the old CASCAR series came here and we got to go on the track and meet all of those drivers. I remember how thrilled I was to meet Scott Fraser. He took a bit of extra time with me and the other kids and it made me feel really good to have the chance to talk with one of the best drivers. As a driver I never forgot how much that meant to me and I try to follow Scott’s example and spend as much time as I can with the kids. Next thing you know you might be racing with one of two of them.PIC_0012 Brent Roy remembers what it meant to him as a kid to meet his favourite drivers and now he always has time to spend with our youngest race fans.

Matt Martin: The fans are everything. I’ve got three little girls and I see how excited they get on race day. They love coming to the track and watching everybody race. It’s all about the family here at 660 – the racing family and your immediate family – it’s all just a big family here. It’s just a good environment for everyone here. It’s great for the sponsors too. Me and Dad used to go around to tracks when I was a kid and then when this place opened in 94 we came every week and have been coming ever since.Matt Martin 3rd place sharp shooter 50 June 10, 2017Family means everything to Matt Martin. Matt loves to put on a show in his little Sharp Shooter for his immediate family and his much larger racing family!

Destiny Enkel: Fan Appreciation Night is one of my favourite nights of the year. It’s really fun to meet the kids, our weekly fans and some of the new fans too. You want to put on a great show for the fans and get them to come back. When I was a kid, Fan Appreciation Night was my favourite event because you got to meet the drivers and they were so nice to us kids and gave us candy and we always made new friends too.Destiny Enkel fan autograph session 2017Kids always line-up to get Destiny Enkel’s autograph. When she was a kid, Fan Appreciation Night was her favourite event on the Speedway 660 racing schedule. Now that Destiny is one of our most popular drivers, this special night is still her favourite!        

Fan Appreciation Night is this Saturday at Speedway 660. The racing gets underway at 6:30PM, but everyone is encouraged to come early for the on-track autograph sessions which begins at 5:30PM.

Firecracker Conversations

(July 18, 2017) The Firecracker 150 is up next at Speedway 660. After a weekend off, everyone is pretty excited to get back to the Geary Woods, especially the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman drivers. The Firecracker 150 is always an exciting race and this year will be no exception. In this week’s edition of the Conversation, we talk with several Sportsman drivers who are looking forward to the race.  Continue reading Firecracker Conversations

Aiming for Checkers on Saturday Night

(July 5, 2017) The DMR Auto Sales Street Stock 75 is the marquee event at Speedway 660 this weekend. Our “old-school” division usually run 30 lap features, but it’ll be a bit of an endurance race for the drivers and cars come Saturday night. Luc McLaughlin is having a great Street Stock season, having won two of five features. He has Rookie of the Year Awards and Championships in our Sharp Shooter and Street Stock divisions, but has never won the DMR Auto Sales 75. He hopes to get that job done this weekend. Continue reading Aiming for Checkers on Saturday Night

PEI’s “Mr. Feature” is right at home in’ the Geary Woods

(June 28, 2017) The Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour comes to Speedway 660 on Canada Day for the Cummins 150. There will be lots of competition and fans will be treated to an exciting night of action. Dylan Gosbee, who won a RE/MAX Group Four Realty Pro Stock feature here back in May, is confident heading into this weekend’s race. Continue reading PEI’s “Mr. Feature” is right at home in’ the Geary Woods

Mini-Stock Tour Ready to Take Flight!

(June 20, 2017) The brand new MJS Holdings East Coast Mini-Stock Tour is heading to the Geary Woods this weekend. Speedway 660 will be the first track in the region to ever host a tour race. The race teams and tour officials are anxious to go racing and excited to be coming to 660. Mark Williams is the Vice-President of the new tour.

A Conversation with Mark Williams

Wade: Hello Mark. Congratulations on putting together this new stock car racing tour. It must have taken lots of work. Can you tell us where the idea came from and how it went from just an idea to an actual racing tour?

Mark: Our President Drew MacEachern began talking with drivers last summer to see if they were interested in a Mini Stock Tour and what it would take to make it happen. In the fall of 2016 a group of guys got together in a local coffee shop to discuss the idea a bit more. We worked on it all winter and managed to book dates, build a rules package and put a board of directors together.ShediacACSat2016P2 270Honda’s have raced at several tracks around the Maritimes for many years. The new Mini Stock Tour is an idea whose time has come. The first race was rained out back in May, so this weekend’s Gilmet Designs 50 at 660 will be the inaugural  race for the new tour.

Wade: It’s been a cold, wet spring in the Maritimes and your first race was actually rained out, so Speedway 660 now has the honour of hosting the MJS Holdings East Coast Mini Stock Tour’s very first race. What can fans expect to see?

Mark: These cars handle really well and fans will see fast, exciting side by side racing. The drivers are excited about the new tour and anxious to come to Speedway 660 this weekend. There should be great battles for the lead all night and we’ll just have to wait to see who wins the Gilmet Designs 50! Sharp Shooter action SpeedWkdn 2016We don’t usually see “imports” race in a four cylinder division at Speedway 660. But last SpeedWeekend a few of them came up to race against our Sharp Shooters. 

Wade: We’ve run a four cylinder, front-wheel drive division up here since 2010. Our Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooters are North American domestic cars, but I understand you guys are running Honda’s.

Mark:Yes, All of our cars are 1988-2000 Honda Civics. Many of us have been racing this style car for 10 or more years at different tracks but we have never had a chance to put them all together on a equal rules package.

Wade: When it comes to tours, we usually see Pro Stocks and Late Models. But this is different. How much interest is there among race teams to travel around the region in this kind of tour? Mark: We have drivers from Cape Breton, PEI, New Brunswick and mainland Nova Scotia registered. We have close to 25 teams registered already with an intention to run some or all of the events.Rob Poirier sharp shooter heat winner SpeedWknd 2016Rob Poirier was here last September to race his funky looking import during SpeedWeekend.

Wade: Next to fans, marketing partners and sponsors are probably the most important component to our sport. MJS Holdings Limited is presenting the new tour to fans in the Maritimes. Can you tell us a little bit about this great marketing partner and any other folks who are supporting you guys?

Mark: MJS Holdings Ltd have been amazing, They have been supportive of everything we are trying to build with this new series and we can’t wait to showcase their Rotary brand lifts and tire changers to fans this season. We also had EIT Race Radios come on board as our radio partner and presenter of the hard charger award. Gilmet Designs is our website and artwork provider, they do a great job making us look good! As a matter of fact our very first race this Saturday at Speedway 660 is the Gilmet Designs 50. sponsors our heat race winners though-out the season and does vinyl decals and apparel for teams. We are still looking for presenting race partners, so if anyone is interested in showcasing their local business please get in touch with us.Mini Stock Tour logoThere’s a lot of hype about the new tour and Speedway 660 fans will be the first in the region to see one of their races.

Wade: I’ve talked with Tim Terry, from Tim’s Corner Motorsports, about the Mini Stock Tour and he’s pretty excited to see you guys hit the track and be successful. I know this is your first year, but what would you like to see the tour develop into say in five years or so?

Mark: Yeah, Tim is a big supporter of racing in our region and we’re happy to have TCM support our efforts. We are confident that the tour will be popular and successful with race teams and fans alike. We want to be known as a tour with a tight rules package, equal cars and a place for the drivers to showcase their talents in an affordable division.Mike Weagle sharp shooter heat win SpeedWknd 2016Mike Weagle, from Salisbury, is one of the fastest drivers of little race cars in Atlantic Canada. Patricia Taylor, also from Salisbury, and Mike Edwards, from Penobsquis, are also expected to be at 660 this weekend.  

Wade: Go-Karts, Bandolero and Legend car divisions have provided lots of new people with the opportunity to go racing. Those forms of racing have produced some pretty good drivers here in the Maritimes. Do you see the East Coast Mini Stock Tour doing the same thing and do you expect some of your drivers to eventually jump into Street Stock, sportsman or Pro Stock cars?

Mark: We have already seen drivers make the jump from Honda’ s over the last few seasons into Legends cars and recently Stevie Lively has moved into a Pro Stock. All of the drivers that have moved up have proven they are capable and competitive in their new series with the skills they have learned in Mini Stocks. 23 - Mark Williams (2)The Mini Stocks have run at a number of tracks in Atlantic Canada, including Scotia SpeedWorld near Halifax. Now there is a new Mini Stock Tour which will come to Speedway 660 this weekend. 

Wade: The fans at Speedway 660 love their racing. They appreciate competitive racing and over the last 24 years have been treated to some of the best action in our region. I know you guys respect the fans and want to provide them with some incredible racing action.

Mark: We were all fans first before jumping into the seat, our goal is to make our events fan friendly with great action that will keep people talking about us for years.

Wade: Thanks for doing this Mark. We really look forward to seeing you this weekend and on behalf of everyone in the Maritime racing community, I want to wish you great success with this brand new tour.

Mark:Thank you, We can’t wait to get up to Speedway 660 this weekend to make this dream of a new series a reality.

We thank McCarthy Photographic who shot some of the photos used in this story.  

The Quiet Kid with the Big Smile!

(June 14, 2017) The Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman 100 is this Saturday night. It’s the first big Sportsman race of the season and will attract a solid field of competitive drivers. There will be a good mix of veterans and youth on Speedway 660 when the race takes the green flag. Hudson Weston is one of our younger drivers and he’s anxious to get more experience in these longer races.

A Conversation with Hudson Weston

Wade: First off Hudson tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into racing and how you ended up in a Sportsman car?

Hudson: I am 16 years old and in grade eleven at Simonds High School in Saint John. I got my driver’s licence three months ago and I just bought my first car, a 2007 Ford Mustang GT. It took me three summers to save my money to get it. I’ve always played baseball in the summer and hockey in the winter.

My Dad and Uncles were on the pit crew for my cousin’s AOW and Sportsman race team (Jamie Brown). When my Dad saw the Bandolero cars racing he thought it looked like fun. The next thing I knew he bought a Bandolero and we went racing. After three years, I literally out grew the bando.Hudson Weston first Bando feature win July 11, 2015Hudson always has a big smile on race day. He had a lot of success in our Bandolero division before stepping up to Sportsman.

Wade: Many of you started racing together in bandolero and now you’ve moved up together too. There are a lot of bando graduates on the Speedway 660 roster, particularly in Sportsman. You’ve probably made some good friends through racing and had some good rivalries too.

Hudson: Racing has always been about family for us. My Dad (Rodney) and Mom (Dawn) always say that is the best thing about it. We spend the weekends of the summer at the track together making memories. I’m a pretty quiet guy and don’t talk too much. On the other hand my Dad and Uncles never stop talking, so I have learned to listen a lot.

I’ve raced with a lot of kids my own age and some veterans after moving up to Sportsman. I’ve made some good friends in racing. As for rivalries, what happens on the track each week stays on the track and I just look forward to the next race.Hudson WestonHudson’s Dad and Uncles are a big part of the Weston race team. Their support and encouragement has helped make this young man’s racing dreams come true. 

Wade: What was it like the first time you got out of the bando and jumped into the Sportsman to race and what are the main differences between the two?

Hudson: Obviously, the biggest difference is the size and power. The lap times for a bando aren’t that much slower than the Sportsman, so it was the size of the car that concerned me the most. The biggest adjustment was getting the feel for the car on the track. I really like that I get more track time with the Sportsman, the races in Bando seemed so short.Sportsman action 2017The Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman division is the second highest class of racing in the Maritimes. Hudson (#43) is patiently learning his craft in the big car, improving each week and having fun.

Wade: The Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman division has thrilled fans here since 1994. Are you aware of the history of this division and what Sportsman racing has meant to our fans over the years?

Hudson: Not really, remember I’m only 16 and Speedway 660 has been going since 1994, a little before my time. I’m just in my 5th year at Speedway 660 and before that my racing was the go-kart (coaster derby) races at Old Home Week in St. Martins (where I’m from).

I should mention that being recognized as Speedway 660’s Most Improved Driver, once in Bando and once in Sportsman, has given me a lot of confidence. I don’t know who picks that award, but it’s nice to know that someone else thinks I am improving. Hudson WestonHudson’s Dad has always supported his son’s racing from the Coaster Derby back home in St. Martins to  Bando and Sportsman at 660. Rodney Weston, former New Brunswick Member of the Legislative Assembly & Cabinet Minister and Canadian Member of Parliament, has always made time to go to the rinks, ball fields and race tracks to support his son.

Wade: It takes a big commitment from a lot of folks to put together a race team and come to the track every week. Who helps you out and makes the wheels go around on your race car?

Hudson: My Dad works on the car through the week with his brothers who come to every race and are the pit crew. Uncle Geoff and Uncle Bruce Weston, Debway (Scott & Cory Little) and Lonnie Sommerville help out a lot.

My sponsors are also very important and I really appreciate their support. Bayview Trucks & Equipment, Valley Equipment Ltd., Shoreland Transport Inc. and Debway Truck Bodies are very supportive of my racing. _DSC1139Hudson signed autographs and handed out treats to young fans during Speedway 660’s Kid’s Day. He appreciates fans of all ages and knows they are the driving force of our sport.

Wade: Who are some of your favourite drivers, both here at 660 and in NASCAR?

Hudson:   At Speedway 660 my favorite driver is John Rankin. He is a cousin (his Grandmother and my Grandfather are brother and sister) and he has been a mentor for me too. I remember one day last year when nothing seemed to be going right. Just then John came to our trailer to talk to me and to give me some encouragement. It’s just the kinda of guy he is. He races clean, gets good results  and is well respected at the track.

In NASCAR my favorite driver Joey Logano. He is one of the best and he drives a Ford.John Rankin Sportsman feature winnerJune 10, 2017Hudson’s favourite driver is John Rankin. John, who won the Sportsman feature last week, is one of Speedway 660’s most gentlemanly racers. John encourages Hudson to race hard, race fair and do his best every week.

Wade: Racing is a summer sport here in the Maritimes. So what do you do for fun the rest of the year?

Hudson:  Hockey has always been my passion. I am a big Pittsburgh Penguins fan and was pretty happy the other night when they won the Cup for the second straight year. I play a lot of hockey and I’m a defenseman. For the last few years, I was on my skates 12 months of the year.

I have played  AAA in the past, but this past year I played at a lower level but still had a lot of fun. This is the first summer I won’t be on the ice because racing and working will keep me busy. My favorite thing is playing pickup hockey with my Dad and Uncles on Saturday mornings in St. Martins.Hudson was really happy to see Sidney Crosby raise the Stanley Cup on Sunday night. Hudson loves playing hockey and the Pittsburgh Penguins are his favouritie NHL team.hudson westonHudson (far left) is a pretty good hockey player too. Weston and his team mates wrapped up a great season of their own before the NHL play-offs began.  

Wade: Hey Hudson the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman 100 is your first chance this year to run a long race. How do you feel heading into the weekend?

Hudson: I am really excited about the race this weekend. I have been feeling good in the car this year and I am feeling more confident. Just need to be patient because it is a long race and you want the car to be there at the end. Have to try to stay out of trouble too._DSC1298Hudson knows the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman 100 will be a long, tough race. He hopes to have a good run and bring the 43 home with a nice finish. 

Wade: Good luck this weekend and we hope you have a great season here at 660.

Hudson: Thanks a lot. I also want to thank the owners and staff at Speedway 660 for giving us a great place to race, Richard and Anne from Martin’s Home Heating for sponsoring the Sportsman Division and all of the fans who come see us race every week.