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2016 Ticket Prices

SpeedWeekend Ticket Prices

Saturday & Sunday Two Day Tickets

$65 Adult (General Admission)
$75 Adult (includes Reserved seating for Sunday)
$75 Adult (includes Pit Pass)
$85 Adult (includes Pit Pass & Reserved Seating for Sunday)
$35 Youth (General Admission)

Saturday ONLY Tickets

$25 Adult (General Admission)
$30 Adult (includes Pit Pass)
$20 Youth (General Admission)

Sunday ONLY Tickets

$45 Adult (General Admission)
$55 Adult (Reserved seating)
$55 Adult (General Admission includes Pit Pass)
$65 Adult (Reserved seating includes Pit Pass)
$20 Youth (General Admission)

 Notes: Admission to all Speedway 660 events, including SpeedWeekend is FREE for children 12 years of age and younger. Adult tickets are for fans 16 years of age and older. Youth tickets are for fans between 13 and 15 years of age. Reserved seating is only available for Sunday. Pit Passes are only available for fans 18 years of age and older. HST will be added to the ticket prices.