Racing Season is coming soon!

The 2016 racing season at Speedway 660 begins on the second weekend of May.  We’ve got a great year of racing lined up and will kick things off with a practice session on May 14th, followed by the Riverview Ford Season Opener on Sunday, May 15th at 2PM.

To check out our full schedule please go to the top of this page and click on schedule.

Click Here to see Driver’s that have Registered for the upcoming 2016 Points Season to date.

Click Here to see Driver’s that have Registered for the some of the weekly racing.

We look forward to seeing all of our great fans, race teams, marketing partners and staff soon!

Changes to Enduro Regulations!

For 2016 and moving forward, the Enduro Division at Speedway 660 will see a Face lift. Competition will now be taking place, using only Front-Wheel Drive vehicles with the appropriate Safety modifications for competition. This was in Efforts to try and boost the car class numbers, as the older style Full-framed cars being used now, are getting very difficult to find for competition. 

 We urge All Division Drivers and Teams to Register for the 2016 events, especially the Enduro Divison. Without sufficient Pre-register numbers, there is a possibility to cancel the first event, which is slotted for June 12th.


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